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Clairvoyance Clairvoyance

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"Uninterrupted succession of shades, textures. Brightness, opacity, proximity, distance. In an infinite continuum ..."

Photo : Mi nuevo álbum:  Madrid

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Eafbb9b3144cdb1790c3eeff9bef7baa_2237190  Eagerness

Result of an afternoon improvisation. The only preparation was to choose the synths, everything else arose spontaneously from a boost

This is a piece of experimental music
The pattern-base is extracted from the image of the logo, through an algorithm. Then I realize the process of humanizing the theme.
Tema compuesto con el sintetizador Alchemy de Camel Audio. Colchón sonoro con ligeras variaciones de tono y textura manteniendo la tensión desde el principio.
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