Die Musik von 7StairsUp! ist eine Annäherung an Gitarre, Electronics, Loops, Sounds und Techniken, um zwischen Ambient, Avantgarde, New Age und Pop eine Stilrichtungen zu schaffen, die darauf wartet entdeckt zu werden - like a blue banana !

The music of 7StairsUp! is an approach to guitar, electronics, loops, sounds and technologies to create a style between ambient, avantgarde, new age and pop, waits on to be discovered - like a blue banana !

Albums :

playlist artwork Like the others

This album is very emotional and focussed on special things that happend in 2012 !

playlist artwork  Sorry for being late !

Stay or leave - the question behind everything ! Noisy place of a town - I prefer to leave. I can't feel your breath on the back of my neck anymore. Where I am ? I am nowhere ! An empty look in my eyes. In the mirror just the dark red sky. I am still nowhere. Left alone with the sad and cruel side of my life.

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Found what never was searched - just a way to the dreams ! This new album by 7StairsUp! is a combination of what could be and what is. Composed, arranged and performed @ Bluebanana Studio 2012 by 7StairsUp!

There is nothing more to say - anything but perfect !