C.J.ROGERS is a solo musician from Luxemburg.

In the early ’90s, he had the idea to produce music, in which the most part is based of computer created electronic sounds!
All his instruments are based on stand-alone and VST software synths, this allows him to create new and authentic, as well as digital and analog sounds!
End of the ’90s he was ready for his first album and started with his new project.

His music is all produced, composed, played, arranged and mixed up to final-mastering by himself!
The productions are various styles of electronic music as lounge, chillout, dance, electropop, film, soundtrack, funky, electrojazz, ambient, downtempo, trance… with preference of experimental sounds.
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playlist artworkBlackNoise


playlist artworkVORTEX


Hi to all... I have the pleasure to present you "VORTEX" 
Stylistic it's a fusion between electronic-funky-rock-lounge-dance, or better yet, rogtronic. Enjoy! 

I am pleased to present this album.

These are compositions with ups and downs in different styles like electropop, chillout, lounge, ambient, soundtrack… and as always, all produces electronically to 100%.Just enjoy it.With musical greetings.