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31 décembre 2013

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14 juin 2013

Blue Arkangel


Albums sur Soundcloud :


  • https://soundcloud.com/blue-arkangel/blue-arkangel-crystalized
  • 1 titre - mis en ligne : mai 2013
  • ambient

Clairvoyance Clairvoyance

Albums sur Bandcamp:

"Uninterrupted succession of shades, textures. Brightness, opacity, proximity, distance. In an infinite continuum ..."

Photo : Mi nuevo álbum:  Madrid

Albums sur Restorm :

Eafbb9b3144cdb1790c3eeff9bef7baa_2237190  Eagerness

Result of an afternoon improvisation. The only preparation was to choose the synths, everything else arose spontaneously from a boost

This is a piece of experimental music
The pattern-base is extracted from the image of the logo, through an algorithm. Then I realize the process of humanizing the theme.
Tema compuesto con el sintetizador Alchemy de Camel Audio. Colchón sonoro con ligeras variaciones de tono y textura manteniendo la tensión desde el principio.
Vidéos :

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Crazy Fingz

Hip-hop, rnb, funk, électro, rap
Origine:  France – Toulon
Site web : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Crazy-fingz/156286037751283
Blog: http://crazyfingz.jamendo.net
Profil géré par: Crazy Fingz

 Fini de plaisanter avec ces deux …. étranges personnages qui viennent apporter à l’electro une nouvelle appellation tant le style est revisité !! un genre qui va se marquer dans cette année 2011 ! Avec MR CHARLEY et LINISPEED nous tenons une belle révélation.

Le leitmotiv de ce groupe sudiste ? être totalement CRAZY et se laisser emporter par le brassage musical qu’est le leur, mêlant Funk, Hip Hop, Electro, Pop, House, R’n’b .

Albums :

Mr Charley: Producteur.
Vidéos : 

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25 mars 2013

Paolo Pavan

  • piano, acoustic, jazz, instrumental, mélodic, pianoforte, pianosolo
  • Origine:  Italie - Ostia Lido
  • Site web: http://www.paolopavan.info
  • http://www.jamendo.com/fr/artist/337503/paolo-pavan
  • Profil géré par : Paolopavan

Paolo Pavan born in Rome in 1970.

He has been studying music since he was very young , soon was  dazzled by jazz music  and he had teachers like Stefano Sabatini and Riccardo Biseo. He attended a training in composition and electronic music  with Michelangelo Lupone. He achieved the degree in piano and pursued his classical studies with Kostantin Bogino.

He collaborated with several folk, rock, pop and jazz band from Rome playing in live concerts and studio recordings .

Paolo has played in numerous festivals including The Eddie Lang Jazz festival, Fabbricando festival, Se telefonando festival. In 2000 was a finalist in the TIM international music. In 2002 he performs a concert for piano:"Jazz improvisation on classical theme" at Accademia Angelica Costantiniana for the"IV Festival Internazionale di Pianoforte e Musica da Camera".
In 2003 he start playing together with the tenor saxophone Davide Marinacci
They records the CD "Inside" original jazz composition.
They carry out a project for rearranging   T.Monk and J.Coltrane pieces for quartet (drum, bass, piano and sax).
Since 2003, provides consultancy in various television programs of the RAI TV. In 2008, participates in the workshop of the pianist Kenny Barron at the Tuscia Jazz festival.

www.paolopavan.info : www.myspace.com/paolopavan


Albums : 

produced by Roberto & Paolo Pavan - composed by Paolo Pavan

piano: Paolo Pavan - tenor sax Davide Marinacci

Doublebass  & cello Carmine Iuvone- drum Francesco Merenda

recorded and mixed by Roberto Pavan-cover by Bruno Parretti


Released new Phisically CD of Paolo Pavan "Looking For a Way Out"
a collection of remixed and remastered tracks, the most beautiful of the Italian artist.

You can purchase it on

playlist artwork Looking for a Way Out

Musicians: Paolo Pavan piano, keyboards, computer programming; Stefano Baldasseroni drums (1, 4); Fabrizio Boccardelli drums (2, 3, 5); Alessandro Cioffi drums (6); David Medina bass and doublebass (1, 4, 6); Marco Roccuzzo doublebass (2, 3, 5); Daniele Arena trumpet; Davide Marinacci tenor sax; Michele Villari alto and soprano sax.

Cover by Bruno Parretti, cover painting by Mariarosaria Stigliano.


Questo disco è nato improvvisando su semplici composizioni musicali e ciò che è venuto fuori è il frutto dell’incontro di persone, strumenti e sensibilità diverse.

A Davide Marinacci (sax), amico folle e musicista libero, a Marco Roccuzzo (contrabbasso) e Fabrizio Boccardelli (batteria) tenaci e appassionati, ad Angelo Olivieri grande trombettista va il mio ringraziamento. Ma soprattutto a mio fratello Roberto che insieme a me ha registrato e mixato questo disco e che sostiene insieme a me questo grande sogno che è la musica.

Paolo Pavan


Antonio Navarro Llatcha

soundtrack, film, bandasonora, instrumental
Origine:  Espagne - Barcelona

playlist artworkVamos Venga Valor 111112
  • http://www.jamendo.com/fr/list/a117277/vamos-venga-valor-111112
  • 1 titre - Mis en ligne: 06/01/2013
  • soundtrack, poprock, filmmusic, bandasonora

NO!!! El mundo no se acaba y hay que seguir...


Autres albums :




Vidéos :

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24 mars 2013


Die Musik von 7StairsUp! ist eine Annäherung an Gitarre, Electronics, Loops, Sounds und Techniken, um zwischen Ambient, Avantgarde, New Age und Pop eine Stilrichtungen zu schaffen, die darauf wartet entdeckt zu werden - like a blue banana !

The music of 7StairsUp! is an approach to guitar, electronics, loops, sounds and technologies to create a style between ambient, avantgarde, new age and pop, waits on to be discovered - like a blue banana !

Albums :

playlist artwork Like the others

This album is very emotional and focussed on special things that happend in 2012 !

playlist artwork  Sorry for being late !

Stay or leave - the question behind everything ! Noisy place of a town - I prefer to leave. I can't feel your breath on the back of my neck anymore. Where I am ? I am nowhere ! An empty look in my eyes. In the mirror just the dark red sky. I am still nowhere. Left alone with the sad and cruel side of my life.

  • http://www.jamendo.com/fr/list/a108114/not-searched-but-found
  • 8 titres - Mis en ligne: 11/03/2012
  • singersongwriter, independent, singer, guitar, guitarmusic

Found what never was searched - just a way to the dreams ! This new album by 7StairsUp! is a combination of what could be and what is. Composed, arranged and performed @ Bluebanana Studio 2012 by 7StairsUp!

There is nothing more to say - anything but perfect !

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18 février 2013


  •  électro, instrumental, indie
  • Origine:  Espagne - Valladolid
  • Site web: http://pictures.bandcamp.com
  • http://www.jamendo.com/fr/artist/428418/pictures
  • Existe depuis: 14/04/2008
  • Profil géré par: Mr.Pi
  • http://pictures.bandcamp.com  
  • https://www.facebook.com/EnriqueColladoDW
  • https://twitter.com/EColladoTWT

Albums :

playlist artworkAfter

  1. Full Album in:  http://pictures.bandcamp.com/album/after
  2. Pictures in Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/EnriqueColladoDW
  3. Pictures in Twitter https://twitter.com/EColladoTWT
  4. Video:"Bionic" http://youtu.be/RBkphyFCMOE

playlist artworkEnd of the World

playlist artwork Bad Economy

  1. Pictures in Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/EnriqueColladoDW
  2. Pictures in Twitter https://twitter.com/EColladoTWT

Vidéos :


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17 février 2013


Productor de musica electronica y musica ambiental . 

Su estilo de produccion van desde la musica (Trance-Techno-Electro/pop – Electronic – Chillout – New age – soundtrack) Objetivos como productor es producir un estilo de produccion entre lo mas melodico y bases electronicas.. 

Puedes seguir su actividad en los siguientes enlaces:

Albums Soundcloud : 

Lunaris (Hiddeminside)  Lunaris

Albums Jamendo :

 playlist artworkTime to Chill vol.2

 playlist artworkLIVE IN TRANCE vol.2


Albums restorm : 





1f1dda5828cb1dc9afb82b7bdbab1a06_1916064  Dreams



16 février 2013


SoLaRiS is a solo musician from the UK who creates ambient electro fusions with world /  progressive rock and experimental elements. A long time member of the AcidPlanet community.  He was grand prize winner of the ' Madmen & Dreamers ' remix competition held on there and was just recently a runner up in the Ali Handel remix competition. Several of his albums are available atiTunes.

Albums :

playlist artwork  The Forest Path To Spring

15 février 2013


  • rock, métal, groove, hardrock, hard
  • Origine:  Brésil - São Paulo
  • Sites web: http://www.aygan.com.br
  • http://www.jamendo.com/fr/artist/337428/aygan
  • Blog: http://aygan.jamendo.net
  • Existe depuis: 01/01/2001
  • Profil géré par: Organelas

AYGAN was created in 2001 by a group of friends interested on the Rock and Roll / Heavy Metal / Hard Rock movements. Influenced by bands like Mr. Big, Extreme, Rush and Living Colour, it composes his own songs since the beginning, bring up a mixture of the different styles of their musicians. Jazz, Fusion e Progressive blend to Hard Rock's energy and Heavy Metal's grind.

Albums :




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